Logistic Solutions

Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management Solution consists of real-time location tracking of the entire fleet. But unlike any other solution we have best and nearest drive selection criteria, Accurate estimate Time of Arrival to the customer
Additionally the system is capable of instant accident detection driver quality analysis, Fuel Consumption analysis and optimization. Even more you can get alerts on either the drive is wearing the seat belts, detect unnessasary speeding, idling detect engine health and even provide predictive maintenance of the vehicle

Track & Trace Solutions

Track and Trace solutions are important to get the complete visibility of the products or materials in supply chain. Depending on the industry you operate you might want to share the details of the products dispatched to the customer up to a level where the product is manufactured and even what product line in what factory.
Track and Trace solutions not only for the compliance of regulations but also for the optimization of manufacturing process and improvement of time to market of your products, and even it is increasing the customer loyalty.